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Intel's investment of billions of dollars for NAND flash chips

October 25 2015

According to some reports circulating on the network, including one reported by Kitguru , Intel is about to put a good basis to a truly massive production of NAND flash chips, through one of its production units distributed in China. It is often thought that the production centers of the software giants are constantly updated and dedicated to the production of modern chips, but that's not how things are.

Intel, and others, obviously have production centers focused on the production of chips with ultra-modern production process more refined, but also locations where it is produced components of two to three generations prior to the ultimate technique. And they are those who do large volumes. Well, just one of these centers should be the focus of a major restructuring and upgrading, with planned investments of well $ 5.5 billion in five years.

What's cooking? It seems that Intel is willing to really massive production of NAND flash chips, those used in solid-state drives to cite one example, much to the surprise of one analyst. Intel is in fact engaged for years in a very close collaboration with Micron to produce NAND flash chips, and it is this that takes care of the material production of the chips. http://hackswiki.com/

In the future, the scenario could change with possible repercussions on both Intel- and Micron. The first could count on a massive production of chips made "in house", with obvious benefits from the economic point of view, while the second would see decline, and very, requests for its own production. It is in any case assumptions, because now the only thing certain is the investment and the site chosen for the redevelopment, but surely we will see in future Intel very fierce in the field of non-volatile memory chips.

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